Ways to Use a Pre-Med Degree Before Graduate School

A premed degree is a great degree option for several reasons. Of course the most obvious option is that you obtain a premed degree in order to get into med school. However, there are some premed students finding it increasingly difficult to afford and get into medical schools and programs right away. If you are one of these students, you may be wondering how you're going to afford to get into med school, pay for your med school, or how you're going to afford to live before you can get into med school. Here are a few options and ways to use a premed degree before graduate school. Home Health Home health is an option that many premed students take. Though it is on the lower pay scale of the career spectrum, it does offer several benefits. If your medical degree plan deals with when the end-of-life care or illnesses that result in end-of-life care then home health is the perfect place to be. You will be able to see firsthand what patients live with and deal with on a daily basis. For example, if you are planning on going into cancer research, then working in home health with cancer patients is one of the best ways to see firsthand what your patients will be going through and what you were working to help find a cure for. There can be many other benefits to home health, including opening up new doors and networking with area nurses and doctors in the field. Case Worker There are hundreds of caseworker positions available on state and local levels. In fact, there are even caseworker positions available through work from home options offered by hospitals and doctors' offices. Caseworkers can work with social workers, doctors' offices, nursing staff, and hospitals to work through cases and determine if there is anything that can be done with that case prior to a treatment plan evaluation. A caseworker does not make prescription suggestions or any kind of case plan suggestions. As a caseworker you will weed out any possible pre-existing issues or other issues that can lead to an elongated treatment plan or issues with their care plan later on. Pharmaceutical Rep A pharmaceutical rep is another position that requires a bachelor's degree in some form of science. However, if you have a premed degree you are a perfect fit for a pharmaceutical rep position. This is not necessarily a pharmaceutical rep that goes from doctor's office to doctor's office. In fact, most of the pharmaceutical representative positions that are available to premed graduates or those that work directly with the companies. You serve the company's by going to the various meetings and locations across the country to offer new contracts and new options for other companies and pharmaceutical organizations. These options are available to any premed student. A pharmaceutical rep is one of the best ways to pay for your medical school or to fill the gap between your graduation from premed and your entry into medical school. However a caseworker, home health worker, and other options are always available and always seeking qualified premed graduates.
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