Using Your Art Degree on Bidding Sites to Build a Portfolio

In the world of freelancing, there are sites called bidding sites. These bidding sites are ways for clients to find freelancers to fit their project needs. If you're an art degree graduate, art student, or a graduate student in the art field there is a great way to use bidding sites to build your portfolio. Using your degree combined with the bidding site can build a portfolio that is professional and shows a massive amount of skill and work. The best part, is that you get paid while doing it. The following are a few steps that you can use to start using your degree on these sites to build that professional portfolio. Market Yourself The first step in using a bidding site is to market yourself. You need to break down your art degree and your knowledge into separate key components. For example, if you have a background in 3-D computer design, sculpting, animation, and still life then you need to market that. Market each one of your abilities and skills in art as a another skill for a particular project. This is vitally important in order for you to find a client that has a project that fits your needs or for client to find you. Once you have broken down your skill set, you'll need to determine how much you want to charge per hour. Remember to be fair to yourself and also to the client. You want to strike a reasonable amount that both of you can agree on. Hire a Friend Use the hire a friend method. Remember, the bidding sites work on your ranking as well as your abilities. You can have all the abilities in the world, but if you have no ranking you may not be able to apply for the projects that you're interested in. You may also not be listed on a search from clients. Instead of going in blind, have a friend hire you for a particular job. This needs to be a legitimate job or project. Please remember that paying a friend to give you a good rating is against many companies TOS. Once they have hired you and pay for the project, which you can keep it is very low rate, they can give you a rating. This rating should be between four and five stars to be noticed by clients, but should offer honest feedback. This will appeal to new clients and will help you build your portfolio on the bidding site as a reputable freelancer. Use the Work For each job you do, save a copy for your portfolio. Make sure that your portfolio can be viewed online outside of the bidding site. You want to make a website for this, that is a legitimate website. You do not want to use something like Tumblr. You want to project a professional background as an artist and as a freelancer. You can do this easily through many different sites including Go Daddy and word press. Another aspect of using your art degree to create a portfolio with bidding site is to maintain a social media and linked in connection. Remember that every time you take a job, do a job, perform job, or a person yet familiar portfolio you want to add that to your social media. This will advance your career tremendously.
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