Use Your Marketing Degree To Start A Career With Social Media

How many seconds, minutes, or even hours a day do you spend online? And how much of that time online is spent on social media outlets?

What if we told you that you can actually use social media to kick start your career in marketing? Your degree in marketing can be put to good use online, if you use it correctly and make the right moves on social media platforms.

Here is how you can use your marketing degree to start a career with social media:

Do Your Research

As a marketing major, or simply a passionate marketer, you will need to be an expert of your field: social media. Before you even consider starting a career or a startup business off of social media, you need to do your research and learn the game before you play it. Find out what makes things go viral, what are the most optimized pages, and how to create content and posts that people will like and share. It sounds simple, but it can be a pretty hard concept to grasp so make sure you sharpen up your skills before trying to make a name for yourself.

Build Your Brand And Sell It

Before your start offering your services to others, you need to show them what they are working with. If you intend to show off your image and your marketing skills, you are going to have to sell yourself first. You can do just this by improving all of your social media profiles, and gaining a large following. But also, you want to show off your values, and create a specific image for yourself and your career so when you start offering up your services, people will know what you are all about and what you are able to do to help them. Then, with a strong social media presence and one that is memorable, you will show potential clients that you are successful and give them hope that you can help them create a better image for their companies.

Offer A Free Trial First

While you probably are low on money as you are starting your career, you can’t expect to make big bucks right away. Before your skills are proven, you need to offer your services up for free for a limited time to prove yourself. The people who choose to take you up on the offer will then get the chance to see your perform your marketing skills, and those who follow them and see the improvements you make. This is a great way to spread your name as well and show your dedication to the job.

Dedicate Your Time To Your Clients

This should be expected in any position, and any stage of the company, but especially in a new career, you need to keep your focus on your first clients and work to keep them happy. Their success determines your success, so if you work hard to keep them happy and improve their online marketing via social media, you will be rewarded with recommendations and additional customers coming from your first clients. Continue to focus on your clients and you already have the mindset of a great businessperson.

If you plan to make a marketing career off of social media, you need to be self-motivated, educated, and hardworking. But with the right skillset and dedication, you can make a living online as a social media marketing professional. Social media can be finicky, but with a strong online presence, a company can greatly benefit from your services.

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