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Unheard of College Degrees

For several students, the standard college degrees just do not cut it. The same tired college degrees are not interesting for students or they may not be something that leads to a career students would like to stay in for a long period of time. This means that students may find they are paying an increased tuition for a degree they may never use or degree they may only use for short period of time. Instead of spending several thousands of dollars on a tuition program that may not be beneficial, many students are looking towards nontraditional college degrees or college degrees that many individuals have never heard of. The following are just a few of these college degrees that may spark an interest with certain students looking for something new or different to major in.


Gunsmithing is a program that students familiar with firearms or firearms training may have heard of. Several military personnel who have combat arms experience, have moved into gunsmithing as an opportunity to run their own business but also stay with in relatively similar jobs that they had in the military. Gunsmithing is offered online as an introduction course to allow students to decide if they want to go into the program long-term. However, if a student wants to go into gunsmithing long-term they should consider community colleges that offer gunsmithing or special Associates degrees programming gunsmithing. Lasson Community College offers an Associates degree program in gunsmithing for pistols and rifles. Certain community colleges across the country also offer Associates degrees in gunsmithing. However, if you have a background in firearms, then an online degree may be a perfect option. These degrees can be used to create your own gunsmithing business, work for firearms companies or work for local tactical and firearms businesses as a freelance gunsmith for ongoing work in client work.


Auctioneering in antiquities is a degree emphasis program offered through several accredited agencies through online or community colleges. Auctioneering generally goes hand-in-hand with antiquities courses and antique appraisal courses. With a degree in auctioning an individual can work for auction houses, begin their own auction house or work online with various appraisal organizations. In auctioneering degree can be obtained quickly and may include a simple certification program or conventional Associates program. If a student would like to, they can later add on a bachelors program of business administration to help with obtaining a job in larger auction houses.

Professional Nanny

A professional nanny program is something that is generally heard of in the UK. However, the United States has begun offering certain programs that will allow individuals to work as a professional nanny in private client homes. A professional nanny may work full time for a client, part-time for client or may work as a live in nanny for certain higher-level clients. As a professional nanny, many will go through at least two years of training in order to meet certain qualifications for not only state qualifications but also for federal qualifications. A professional nanny will also have to go through a strict criminal background check as well as drug addiction check and possibly a credit or financial check. A professional nanny position may be the perfect answer for a student who was looking at daycare or at early childhood education but has decided to move into a more private sector with higher pay.

These are only three of the new academic programs that students are turning to. These academic programs generally have a lower tuition, take less amount of time and can yield a much higher entry-level income then there counterparts. That many of the programs are offered online or through local accreditation agencies, students are finding that these programs are also offered through local community colleges and are becoming increasingly accessible.

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