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Types of Paralegal Studies

There are many law firms which now specialize in specific subsets of the law; as a result, there are many different types of paralegal studies and specializations which can be considered when you are pursuing your paralegal degree program. Most programs will encourage that you should take additional courses in a specific topic in order to ensure that you will be a stronger candidate for getting employed at law firms that have specialized main focuses. Some options will pay more than others depending on the amount of experience and knowledge that you are required to have in order to accomplish the tasks associated with them. If you are uncertain about what you would like to study as a paralegal, it's easy to get a generalized glimpse at what is available. Here are a few paralegal types that you can consider studying during your program:

Patent Paralegal

Generally patent paralegals and their attorneys are known for having high compensation. These professionals assist patent agents and attorneys with various types of research and administrative tasks, like filling out documents for obtaining a patent or researching some of the current available patents or violations. You have to take courses in patent law in order to become a patent paralegal.

Insurance Paralegal

These types of paralegals help by assist with cases of questionable claims, insurance fraud, and numerous forms of administrative and research tasks associated with insurance. They work in law firms or within the legal department of insurance companies. They have to be able to handle insurance policies and understand how they work and relate to cases in order to provide the assistance insurance claim processing.

Employment Law Paralegal

Usually, employment law paralegals are known for specializing in legal matters which involve employment, such as issues with hiring and firing, workplace discrimination, labor union issues, workplace safety, and sexual harassment. To be able to work within this specialization, you have to have knowledge about employment laws, both general and those which apply to the state specifically.

Real Estate Paralegal

Those who are specializing in real estate will learn about researching and ordering title information, quit claim deeds, deeds of trust, and other forms of documents. It will be necessary to be knowledgeable about real estate closing processes and the various forms of administrative work that has to be done in order to handle a closing or the transfer of assets. It's also required that individuals must know about foreclosures and defaults on loans.

Estate Planning Paralegal

Also known as probate paralegals, these professionals assist with the creation of various legal documents which pertain to estates, trusts, wills, and probate forms. Those who are estate planning paralegals need to assist clients who have lost loved ones. They help them with the probate process and are necessary for drafting documents, as well as helping to interpret numerous other documents as well.

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