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Top Demanded Certificate Programs

Individuals who are seeking a way to stay financially afloat within the recession are often looking for ways that they can improve their salary and financial situation within their profession. One of the main ways is to consider getting involved in certification program for your related field of interest or profession within the industry. Although there are many options that are available, some occupations with certifications are becoming far more in demand than others. In example, it's expected that medical assistants are going to be a fast growing occupation until 2016 – more surprisingly, their position only requires around eight months of training at a local college in order to attain their certification for work. Here are some of the most in demand jobs available that don't require any more than a year of training in order to achieve them.

Emergency Medical Technician

EMTs and paramedics are known to respond to everything such as accidents and heart attacks. They help to take patients to hospitals and may care for them while they are in ambulances. It can be a stressful job, but they have the opportunity to save lives on a daily basis. There are three basic levels of training and basic courses take around 120 hours in length to complete. EMT's will also work on site with local schools during sporting events and with area events during sporting and injury causing events.

Police Officer

Police officers protect people on a daily basis and help to capture the people who break the law on a regular basis. Although television makes it seem like police officers have constantly action packed jobs, they spend more time writing reports and handling the records about the incidents that they have encountered. The job can be dangerous and stressful at any rate, though. Most departments require a minimum age of 20 years to each individual and a level of physical fitness. Police academies take around 12 to 14 weeks to complete.


These individuals work in hospitals, clinics, blood banks, and doctors offices to help draw blood from patients. They generally have to completely 200 hours of training over the period of four to eight months. Not all states have requirements that they need to be certified, however there are entry level certifications which are awarded by several organizations.

HVAC Technician

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technicians are trained in the maintenance, installation, and repair of heating work and central air conditioning. They are known for running ductwork in crawl spaces and many other areas. Most programs involve 300 hours of classroom and hands on training.


Drafters are responsible for preparing technical drawings and plans that are used to build everything from aircrafts to structures. Most of the best opportunities are reserved for people who have a high educational experience. Some colleges are able to offer programs that are as short as one or two semesters, which provides the basics of design and how to handle design software packages.

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