Friday, March 22, 2013

SDSU Now Offering Master’s Degree for Military

South Dakota State University is now offering a master's degree that is specifically aimed at helping military personnel, veterans, and their spouses and families. The master's degree in human sciences is supposed to help focus on dealing with family and community services. It provides individuals with education and research expertise which is needed in order to focus on improving the family, community, and individual development. The university is offering the degree online as a part of 11 other universities which are making the push towards this new goal.

Students who complete this master's degree program will be qualified to work at the extension offices available. They will also have the opportunity to work in Army community services, child development centers, family advocacy programs, emergency shelters, and many other non-profit agencies that would provide valuable services to the public, as well as to military personnel which are seeking more information and help. Some of the classes which are included feature child and adult development, grant writing, parenting, handling stress, and even a course that focuses on understanding trauma. With this type of training, students would have the experience and expertise to pursue a wide range of careers which would hold a positive impact on the world around them.

One of the greater hopes with the participation of these other 11 universities is that eventually more educational institutions would begin to pursue the degree and offer it within their area as well. This would provide veterans, military personnel, and their families with a line of coursework that is specifically created to and designed to help them and ensure that they provide the best quality range of work in any career pathway that they may choose. Some have voiced, based on the current issues with the employment rates within the country, that they wish the degree programs would also be able to ensure or guarantee work within these areas after the program has been completed. As it currently stands, there is no guarantee that people will be able to get employment within the careers in question, mainly due to the amount of demand that has been placed on employment within the past few years due to the recession. In most cases, however, veterans and military personnel are generally still being employed by the military itself in order to help ensure that ends are being met and that they aren't struggling to provide for their families.

Another hope is that based on the amount of interest and demand for this degree program, universities will eventually create more degrees that are centered around the military and specifically provide the skills and coursework that they need in order for further success. This would encourage more military personnel to get interested in pursuing their degrees after they have finished their duties towards the country through the military discipline of their choice.

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