How to Make a Business Administration Job Work for You

A business administration degree is considered a basic business degree. In fact, there are some people who view business administration degrees as a general knowledge business degree that does not have a place in current career outlooks. There are also some people who believe that a business administration degree is one that is overflowing in the current job market and leading to several graduates not having a job in the business field. If you are a business administration recent graduate, there are some options available to you that you may not have considered.


Becoming a consultant with a business administration degree is a career option open to those who are looking at freelancing options for their career. A consultant in business administration would generally handle entrepreneurs or who are small business startups. With the business administration background you can go in and help individuals who may not have the same background determine their business liability, start up costs, and considerations they may not have taken into account through the process.

As a business administration graduate you will understand what the complications may be with a start up business and how individuals can understand the costly nature with these complications. A consultant can make anywhere from $70 an hour depending on what they want to charge. Remember the consultant is generally someone who works for themselves as an independent contractor. This means you work for private clients available. set your own price and hours.


Have you considered using your business administration degree as an administrator outside of the business field? There are several career opportunities that need administrators who have business administration background may not have a particular background in a specific field. For example, there are some jobs in criminal justice that require an administrator. You may not have a criminal justice background, but you may have a solid administration background that will be vital to the particular criminal justice position. Such jobs are wardens, jail administrators, probation administrators, and legal office administrators. Administrators can expect to make between $28,000 and $42,000 a year starting and up depending on the location and the type of position they are taking.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant position is another position available to business administrators. A virtual assistant can take every aspect of your business administration degree and utilize it fully. This is one of the prime choices for individuals having problems finding a business admin career option in the brick-and-mortar field. Virtual assistants are needed every day for private clients, website designers, and business owners who have brick-and-mortar businesses but may not be able to afford an assistant full-time. A virtual assistant can expect to make between $42,000 and $65,000 in their first year. A business administration degree can enable you to get the higher end of this amount because you will have a basic understanding of marketing, social media, advertising, and business tactics.

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