How to Make $45,000 a year with a creative writing degree.

You've seen the websites talking about making millions as creative writer. You have dreams of writing your own novel and seeing it on the shelves at Barnes & Noble and Books A Million. However, you just don't know how to get there. In fact, you may find it difficult to find a publisher who will take your work. If this is the case, you need to think outside the box a bit. As a creative writer you have skills that other writers may not have. These skills can be used to find some of the best jobs online that leads you to the money that will eventually lead you to your own creative writing endeavor. Discover Your Skills Discovering your skills is the first step to making that $45,000 a year you have been looking for. You may hear that you will be able to make that in the first year. The trick to making that your first year is to first discover the skills that you have and how to utilize them. As a creative writer you not only have grammar skills, spelling skills, English skills, editing skills, and imagination you also have the skills to bring it all together into a cohesive format. This is all that is required to start as a ghostwriter for someone else. Learn from Your Skills So, you have discovered the skills that you have as a creative writer. You know that you have solid English skills, grammar skills, editing skills and your imagination is top-notch. You can bring it all together in a cohesive format. However you're not really keen on writing for someone else as a ghostwriter. Consider this. If you learn from your skills and you work as a ghostwriter you will also learn from their skills. Working as a ghostwriter for someone else means that you provide the content and you get to see the process from the back door. You'll get to see what happens, how the book is published, and what goes into writing a solid book. This means that you have already inadvertently gone through the process with out losing anything and by being paid through out the endeavor. Time Management One of the most important aspects to getting that $45,000 your first year, is to have proper time management. As the people who make that amount of money in their first year do not necessarily work 40 hours a week. In fact most of them work less than that because they have managed their time. The first step to managing your time is to understand how long it takes you to write one article or one ghostwritten piece. You need to break that down for hours of work and pay. If you can manage time around the hours of work and pay then you will be able to meet that $45,000 goal easily. For example, if you write three articles of 500 words each in an hour and you were making $10 per article you just cleared $30 that hour. Now you know that you only need a certain amount of hours per week at that same rate to meet your goal. It is that easy. This is only one piece of the whole methodology to making your $45,000 work goal. Your creative writing degree has led you to develop many skills that will help you in the right market. You just need to take the patience and the time to manager time, learn from your skills, learn from other's mistakes, and bring it together into your own goal.
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