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Apply For These 3 Unknown Grants Today

Paying for college can be a struggle. While student loans are always an option, the frightening interest rates and bills to come are not the most welcoming choice for undergrads.

Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to receive a sum of money to help you pay for college that you don’t have to pay back? In your dreams, right?

But actually this can be a reality with certain grants. Grants are small sums of money that students can apply to receive to pay for college courses. The great thing about grants, is that they do not have to be paid back, unlike college loans. Once you receive the money, you can pay it towards your schooling, and never have to worry about finding the money to pay it back.

While there are certain grants that most people try to apply for too receive money, there are quite a few unknown grants that are often overlooked. With less applicants, there is a higher chance of being accepted to receive the grants, and even receive higher sums of money.

If you’re interested in applying for some additional grants, check out these 3 unknown grants that can help you pay for college:

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant

The Federal Supplement Education Opportunity Grant is awarded to students who are eligible for the Pell Grant and need additional funds. Students can receive up to $4,000 from this grant, however, the likelihood of receiving a high sum of money is slim, considering that schools only have an allotted amount of money to give out for this grant, and they go to those in extreme need for the grant. If you feel that you could be eligible for this grant, find out more at the U.S. Department of Education website.

Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant

Education majors can find some peace in knowing that there are special grants they can receive to pursue a career in teaching. With the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant, or TEACH, future teachers can receive up to $4,000 in funds to pay for schooling, as long as they intend to teach for at least four years at a school in a low income area, working to help children in need. This can also help teachers secure a job after college, which can be quite hard, so getting money to help secure a job and a degree are the great perks of the TEACH grant. To find out more about the TEACH grant, check out the Federal Student Aid website.

Academic Competitiveness Grants and Science and Math Access to Retain Talent Grant

Under the requirements of the Pell Grant and federal student aid requirements, students can receive additional funds of $700 to $1,300 with Academic Competitiveness Grants. These are awarded to students who achieve higher grades and are financially disadvantaged. Academic Competitiveness Grants are only given to first and second year students, but students in their third and fourth years who are working toward a degree in math or science with the same academic competitiveness and finaincal background are eligible of the Science and Math Access to Retain Talent Grant, also known as the SMART Grant. To find out more about these grants, check out the

While there are a limited amount of federal grants available, individual states and school also offer grants for certain individuals in financial need.

Paying for college can be stressful, but it shouldn’t stop you from getting the degree you want to achieve. These grants can help you reach your goals.

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